We have over 20 years of professional software development experience and 10 years of experience in working with mobile devices, starting with Palm OS handhelds through to the iPhone and iPad today.

We have developed several applications on contract for various clients. An example is the
1 Rector Park application that we wrote for And Partners for use at Cocoran Realty's 1 Rector Park property.

We are a small team of creative developers with many talents who would love to work with you to make your ideas/project become real. Regardless of the stage or the size of your project, we can help you to successfully finish the app.

The consulting services we provide include:
  • Application design and development
  • Setting up all the accounts with Apple, certificates, provisioning
  • Upgrading existing code
  • Software Maintenance
  • Creation of original game music

You can reach us at support@beret.com