Chromatic Cosmos is now available on the iTunes App Store!

We’re excited to announce our new game, Chromatic Cosmos, for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!  Chromatic Cosmos is a unique take on the popular tower defense genre, featuring a variety of enemies and weapons.


All is well in the Chromatic Cosmos until the sinister alien Horrible begins conquering and brainwashing planet after colorful planet. The yellow land of Yububu is next on his list, but Yoop plans to fight back…with your help! Yoop has developed special pigments that free the aliens from Horrible’s control, and only you have the power to place them in their way!

Adapt your strategy across eight maps of increasingly complexity (in both easy and hard modes) to free the once-peaceful aliens from their mind control!


  • 6 different types of adorable aliens, some with armor, shields or even vehicles!
  • Numerous weapons - use spatial strategies and target your attacks to individual enemies!
  • 8 maps, each with 9 levels to defend against the alien onslaught!
  • Two difficulty modes - easy and hard!
  • Earn achievements by completing maps without dying!
  • Original soundtrack - catchy melodies inspired by retro chiptunes!

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